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Our collaborations with renowned brands enable us to offer our players exclusive opportunities and promotions. Thanks to our partners, we can ensure a high level of service and a diverse gaming experience. Join official Hash.Game casino today, get your welcome bonus and enjoy the privileges of playing alongside our esteemed partners!


Hash.Game is thrilled to become the official sponsor of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), establishing a landmark partnership with one of the world’s leading football organizations. This collaboration creates a bridge between Hash.Game players and AFA fans, uniting two passionate communities like never before.

A New Sports Era Dawns

The convergence of technology and sports has reached new heights, offering significant advantages to fans in both arenas. In the modern, digital era, the link between gaming platforms and sports organizations has become tighter, delivering unparalleled experiences to both spectators and players. The collaboration between Hash.Game and the AFA marks the beginning of a new era, blending the thrill of live sports with the latest innovations in online entertainment.

Anticipations for the Fans

Supporters can look forward to Hash.Game backing the AFA in their forthcoming endeavors, cheering on as they compete in upcoming matches. This collaboration promises a series of engaging events and opportunities for fans to win exclusive merchandise signed by Argentine football legends such as Lionel Messi, Paulo Dybala, Angel Di Maria, among others.

This partnership not only paves the way for novel experiences for both communities but also presents a unique opportunity to be part of a movement that’s set to redefine iGaming. Join us in this journey to reshape the future of sports and gaming.

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Hash.Game is thrilled to announce its partnership with Cloud9, marking a significant milestone in the convergence of iSports and online gaming communities. This collaboration solidifies Hash.Game’s position as the Crypto Casino of the YEAR and underscores its commitment to supporting Cloud9’s endeavors in CS:GO and other competitive gaming arenas.

Elevating the World of eSports and iGaming

Cloud9, known for its prominence in the League Championship Series and League of Legends circuits, boasts an impressive roster of top-tier esports athletes globally. Hash.Game’s partnership with such an esteemed organization signifies a groundbreaking venture aimed at revolutionizing the eSports and iGaming landscapes.

What’s on the Horizon?

The collaboration between Cloud9 and Hash.Game heralds a future brimming with spectacular happenings, from exclusive merchandise draws to crypto rewards, alongside in-depth backing for Cloud9’s CS:GO activities. This alliance aims to open doors to unmatched possibilities in the expanding iSports sphere for the Hash.Game community, positioning them at the leading edge of an exhilarating new chapter. Keep an eye out for further announcements and prepare to engage in a transformative journey within the gaming and esports landscape.

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David Luiz

David Luiz, the celebrated Brazilian football player, has joined forces with Hash.Game as the official brand ambassador. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap between the Brazilian football enthusiasts and Hash.Game’s vibrant player community, promising a plethora of engaging opportunities for mutual engagement in the near future.

A New Chapter Begins

David Luiz’s illustrious career, marked by his resilience and remarkable achievements on the football field, resonates with Hash.Game’s dedication to excellence and community engagement. His role as an ambassador not only celebrates his contributions to football but also signals a new era of collaboration between digital platforms and sports communities.

Anticipated Developments

This partnership heralds a fresh chapter for Hash.Game, opening doors to broader audiences and markets globally. It’s an invitation for the Hash.Game community to be at the forefront of innovations shaping the future of sports and technology.

Engaging Opportunities Ahead

Fans of David Luiz and the Hash.Game community can look forward to an exciting array of activities and engagements. Expect to see Luiz taking an active part in Hash.Game’s social media endeavors, offering players unique opportunities to interact with the football star directly. This collaboration is set to enhance the experience for both Hash.Game players and sports fans, marking an exciting phase of growth and engagement.

Suniel Shetty

Hash.Game is delighted to reveal its collaboration with renowned Bollywood star, Suniel Shetty, infusing our platform with a mix of filmic excellence and gaming creativity. Celebrated for his versatile performances in Bollywood, Suniel Shetty joins the gaming universe of Hash.Game, aiming to enhance the gaming journey for users around the world.

Bringing Bollywood to Gaming

Suniel Shetty’s extensive career, marked by his compelling performances and entrepreneurial ventures, mirrors Hash.Game’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital gaming sphere. His collaboration with Hash.Game not only enhances our platform’s appeal but also extends our reach to a broader audience, leveraging his vast fan base and influence.

A Fusion of Talent and Technology

Joining forces with Suniel Shetty, Hash.Game seeks to blend entertainment and digital gaming into captivating experiences that appeal to a global audience. This collaboration marks a significant achievement for our brand, heralding expansion and broad acknowledgment. Shetty’s business savvy and insight into technological progress enhance our goal of delivering innovative gaming technologies.

Visionary Collaboration

Embodying innovation and a forward-looking approach, Suniel Shetty aligns with Hash.Game’s vision to push the boundaries of gaming. His involvement in our initiatives promises a future rich with potential, offering insights and direction that cater specifically to the Indian market and beyond. Shetty’s influence and expertise are set to play a pivotal role in shaping Hash.Game’s trajectory, ensuring our offerings are tailored and impactful.

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